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enhanced bulletproof

A few years ago pulling the heads on a 6.0 and replacing a few components was a acceptable "fix". With the increased miles and age on these engines we have determined along with engine head gaskets failure every other gasket on this engine has the same wear. So pulling the engine and replacing additional gaskets does not run cost up considerably more. In fact with the cam inspection and lifter replacement turns out to be a cost savings. Additionally all oil leaks are addressed since the motor is gasket free before re-assembly. With the cost of engine and or truck replacement this may be for you. Contact our service manager for details.


motor palatalized and in build room for tear down inspection for enhanced bulletproof


heads front and rear covers removed. rod bearing furthest from oil inspected.


engine is rotated 360. thorough inspection of block and cylinder walls.  


once inspection and cleaning is done a fresh bright coat of paint is applied 

stay tuned for more!!

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