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2016 F-250 Died while driving. Indicator lights flashing and has gone to a no start. Loss of communication to multiple modules. 


Verified NO START condition, SELF TEST CMDTC,  PCM, ABS, TCM  FAILED. Would Not Communicate. All other Module HS-CAN and MS-CAN passed self test and passed IDS Network & PTS Live Network test. Found intermintent  open circuit in  HS CAN wiring between PCM C132B & C212 Inline connector. Opened harness near  C210 in pass thru bulkhead, Found 1wire insulation rubbed open for circuit SBB08 VT/RD PIN 34 of C210 found multiple other failures in general area of connector. Appears to have not been altered our assumption is a mis-built harness or installation. 

Connector View of Connector C210.  Breakout of each circuit is identified.  Found 1wire insulation rubbed open for circuit SBB08 VT/RD PIN 34


Map Location of harness and C210. We were able to effectively overlay this harness with 18g shielded harness incorporated with the original harness. 

Get (1).png
Screenshot (4).png

IDS Screenshot of Data Communication 

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