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2005 Ford Excursion, 6.0L, AT, 4X4. Failed head gaskets, 3 failed injectors, weak FICM & Multiple engine oil leaks. 


6.0 Powerstroke removed from chassis, Engine moved into Engine room for tear down and inspection. We are confirming failed head gaskets and detailed identification of oil leaks. 


Initial peak. Valve covers, Intake, Upper Fuel Filter removed. Just prior to installing on the stand.


Heads are removed along with front and rear covers. No#8 Road Bearing has been inspected. (it is the furthest fromt the oil pump) Now the cleaning and detailed inspection of the block and upper cylinder walls are inspected. 


Block gets rotated , cleaned and inspected. Special care is taken and multiple techs inspect for flaws and wear. Noted during this stage we helped this customer decide to perform a enhanced Bullet Proof/Complete reseal. The condition of the cylinder walls and the inspection of the rod bearing indicate a healthy rotating assembly. 


We chose a bright Navistar color for the engine. Black or dark colors will not allow identification for any oil leaks in the future. Plus after the deep cleaning surface rusting will be eliminated


Paint is on and cured. The block surface will still receive a razor blade cleaning. 


6.0 Powerstrokes have a history of lifters failing causing CATASTROPHIC engine failure. New lifters every time along with Camshaft removal and inspection. 


Front and Rear covers are installed. All aluminum has been inspected for damage or flaws. This engine passed fine. Click HERE for examples of damage to oil pump and housing with reflects a failed lifter, dirt or debris in engine. 


All the cleaning is done. New head gaskets installed. ONLY FORD OEM head gaskets are used. 


Heads are installed upper end cylinder and valve train follows.


Valve train and ARP Head Studs are installed. Ready for torque sequence. 


All ready for the install, Secured and sealed. 


Fresh up-pipes, ready for cab re-install and finally delivery


Last touches, replaced water pump last. Cab gets installed all systems bled out. 

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