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Injector replacement 6.0, Motorcraft Injectors. Full 2 year Nationwide warranty.

Engine re-seal finishing touches 7.3 Powerstroke

2005+ 6.0  Powerstroke, Headgaskets, Oil Cooler & Front Cover, 

6.0 Powerstroke head gasket replacement, commonly referred to as a BULLETPROOF process. During our repair we inspect all components, the heads are checked for cracks with 2 methods chemical dye test and magnaflux. The head bolts are replaced with ARP 250-4202 heads studs to prevent head bolt stretching. Oil cooler is replaced replaced with Ford Original (no substitutions). Head gaskets replaced w/Ford original gaskets, Cylinder block is flat edged and cylinder walls are inspected. Front cover is removed and inspected, lubrication oil pump is inspected, STC fitting is inspected and replaced if not updated. All other components are inspected for serviceability & replaced as necessary. Due to the age and abuse some of these engines have experienced, this option is not always the right fit. Call for pricing.

Rear Brakes and Inner axle seals F-550

6.4 Ready for cab re-install

2011 6.7 Initial look at engine prior to repair

Injector Quantity Adjustment Screen Shot from IDS, Critical in correct performance in late model diesel engines. Required at Injector Replacement

6.7 Fuel Contamination, DEF in fuel, Note the color of the fuel and white specs on the filter media. This is catastrophic fuel system damage.

Dodge/Ram front drive shaft 4WD, re-built. Common issue for vibrations



Cab bushings addressed during cab removal repair.

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