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Commercial Client

Today's economy is fast moving and requires small and large companies to rely on light duty trucks for  movement of equipment, personnel and material to the job site. We understand how 4 seats in a truck impacts flow of business and your employees. Every effort is made to provide a accurate and reasonable time line for repair or service. We strive to allow you to plan for down time. 


"I've brought all of our company trucks to Spencer's Pro Diesel for years. There's no one else I trust in East Tennessee to look after my vehicles. When a truck goes down we start losing money, Rick gets that and makes sure my trucks are never down very long."

Jim Reel - Fleet Tire

"I can't say enough about this shop. These guys keep my trucks on the road. I take all of our company vehicles as well as my personal truck to Rick. Some of my employees even bring their trucks to him.  He actually finds the problem instead of just throwing parts at it until it's fixed. As a business owner that's passionate about my work and doing things the right way, I like knowing my mechanic has the same mindset."

Bobby Stanley - Advent Electric

"Spencer's Pro Diesel is the premier diesel garage in Tennessee. These guys are professional and always have my vehicles back to work quickly." 

Dave Carter - Appalachian Log Homes

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