2001 7.3 Powerstroke. Multiple engine oil leaks. 225K. Primarily the engine oil pan.

Tear down to short block. Heads get checked thoroughly. Every gasket, seal & o-ring is removed. 

Components get separated for inspection and cleaning process. 

Continuous cleaning and inspection. Organizing components as cleaned.

Block is prepped and painted, long block assembly continues.

Long block assembly is well underway. 

Engine bay. Notice grime, grease & dirt. 

Chassis is taken for cleaning. Engine bay is much cleaner now!!!

Fresh coat of paint for the freshly re-sealed engine. This only added about 2 labor hours to this project.

Turbo inlet casting, bad for seized bolts that break even with heat removal

We mill the original broken bolt out and cut new threads, We prefer to use the original casting OEM. The after market has had sealing issues previously and causes a loss of power.

New inlet pipes installed, new gaskets, this should last us a good while & no leaks equals proper fueling and combustion. 

Unit re-installed all that lacks are finishing touches and final test drive.  We perform 3 complete heat cycles and 50 miles of road testing. This insure we deliver a quality product. 

After Main Grounds are installed on a cleaned block. A quick splash of paint to protect from corrosion in the future. 

Lastly Air Intake Box Latch was not secured well. A couple small bolts and nuts saving a couple hundred dollars instead of buying a replacement.



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