2001 7.3 Powerstroke. Multiple engine oil leaks. 225K. Primarily the engine oil pan.

Motor removed and tore down to short block. All 8 pistons were fractured from previous over tuning and high EGT's. Even though was a fine running engine full build is in order. 

All components get inspected for wear and serviceability. Heads get checked for cracks and flatness. Valves are check for sealing quality under vacuum. The cleaning begins.

Once heads have been passed as serviceable. All plugs are removed, seals replaced and injector cups replaced. 

New injector cups installed. 

Engine bay gets evaluated and any leaks are addressed, additionally a thorough cleaning is due. 

Engine bay cleaned with steam cleaner, prepped for painting. 

Engine build under way. Crank set and paint cured. 

Short Block is assembled. 

Assembly is near ready for install. New pistons, lubrication oil pump and housing, oil cooler, and all gaskets and seals. No fitting, plugs or o-rings seals are left original. All are replaced.

Assembly re-installed, replaced trans cooler lines upgraded to 1/2" from 3/8" and increased trans cooler size to 2004-2007 Superduty. 

Final Product re-installed. 



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